Capital- The Best of Italy at G7

During the last G7 meeting in Taormina (May, 26-27), Admiral was mentioned among the Italian excellences in Capital magazine.

This brand, the jewel of the Italian Sea Group, is an international champion in luxury yachting, expression of unmistakable quality, technology and style.

Along with fashion, food and design, unmistakable expression of excellence made in Italy in luxury yachting: jewels of technology and elegance plough the seas. Since 1966, when it launched its

first 18-metre wooden yacht, followed in the early 80s by the first light alloy yacht, Admiral has reached international acclaim in the Sector. Its success is the result of passion and attention to

detail, reined style and avant-garde design, tradition and innovation together, know-how and craftsmanship, creativity and professionalism, enthusiasm and the search for perfection.

Performance, safety and the allure of about fifteen different lenght, customisable models made of steel and aluminium, are recognised and appreciated by ship owners everywhere.

Since 2012, Admiral has been the heart of The Italian Sea Group, one of the major conglomerates in international yachting, led passionately by its founder, Giovanni Costantino.

The Group is present on the market with a variety of brands: Tecnomar, together with Admiral, is the name assigned to the production of sail and power yachts in lenghts of up to 150 metres;

Nca and Nca Refit characterise naval mechanical production and the refit activity for yachts longer than 50 metres. At the Tuscan port of Marina di Carrara, The Italian Sea Group is a 100% Italian

organisation under constant development; it has launched 575 yachts and vessels of up to 220 metres long since 1942 (four in 2016 and six under construction). Production value surpasses 160

million; investments added up to 80 million in the last five years. The boatyards expands across an area of about 100 thousand square metres, with a 200-metre dock, 2000 metres of quayside, 11

production areas.

For the group, quality, design, art and prestige combine to form a total immersion in the world of luxury goods, which goes way beyond boats. It comes then as no surprise that, being an innovative

luxury company, The Italian Sea Group has created a headquarters featuring a complete style contamination: along with managerial and operational functions, we find a collection of modern art,

a reined lounge bar and a restaurant assigned to a Michelin star chef. The aim is to offer clients an all-round experience of Italian style. The Group has a structured in-house R&D department.

The Admiral leet has just added two new vessels: the hybrid Piuma 53, and Vetta 40, conceived for the US market. Internationalisation is another line of development. In January 2016, The Italian

SeaGroup Americas opened its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, in Florida. This is the centre of a corporate presence which growing interest from the US market had made absolutely necessary.

With a similar consolidation aim, the Asian branch has been opened in Hong Kong, confirming growing interest in the Far East. There is so much interest in fact, that the Group expects to open

four showrooms in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Taipei and Singapore. In order to optimise control over the production chain and consequently over quality, the steel and upholstery workshops have

been internalised, and the prestigious Celi Carpentry has joined the Group. Another valuable piece in the puzzle that enriches the vocation for excellence that has led the company for over

half a century.